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Legalized prostitution reconsidered
12 May 2006 | Germany legalized prostitution in 2002 in an effort to stamp out trafficking. Some prostitutes say that conditions have improved, others have doubts.
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Erotic fair features live sex shows, porn
Feb. 12 2006 | The International Erotic Fair is being held in Turin, and expects lots of Olympic tourists to see the live sex shows.
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Will watching porn get me AIDS?
28 Jan 2006 | Can you get infected with the HIV virus if you cover your genitals with lemon juice first? Sex advice for novices.
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Women's nude awakening
16 Aug 2005 | About 10 or so women in New York City took off their tops to protest their right to go topless like their male counterparts.
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Material girl's material shows material worth
09 Jun 2005 | A PAIR of knickers worn by Madonna have been sold for £1000. A lapdance club boss has struck a deal to sell the black lacy underwear to a Madonna fan from Connecticut in America.
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Getting 'Closer' to Julia, Natalie, Clive and Jude
24 Nov 2004 | "It's nice to say you're talking about sex with Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen and Jude Law, but it's also appropriate with their new Mike Nichols film "Closer."..."
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Porn gives youth complexes
11 Nov 2004 | "Norwegian kids attending the Clinic for Sexual Information, often have anxieties because they can not reach the same degree of performance as people appearing in porn films."
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Indian sex school will teach Kama Sutra
17 Sep 2004 | "A Calcutta school will teach students the ways of the Kama Sutra, with a choice of three courses taken by medical professionals..." More about Kama Sutra
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Why sex is good for you
22 Aug 2004 | "Sex is excellent exercise, if nothing else. Using all of your muscle groups, it burns up to 300 calories an hour, sex also releases endorphins which can help fight disease..."
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Beach buffs ignore nudity ban
24 July 2004 | "Federally owned Playalinda Beach near the Kennedy Space Center takes a lax approach to nudity on its beaches..."
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Prostitution laws under fire
28 June 2004 | "Queensland, Australia, is on a collision course with the prostitution watchdog over calls to reform the state's sex laws..."
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Sex education has little effect on teens
30 May 2004 | "Although sex education is compulsory in New Zealand, it still has the third highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world..."
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50% of Brits had sex in public place
03 May 2004 | "A new survey from FHM magazine has found that more than half of Brits have had sex in a public place. And about a third claimed to have lost their virginity by the age of 16..."
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Sex makes you clever
29 Mar 2004 | "...Sex stimulates the brain and makes people more intelligent, according to a top German researcher..."
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So called virgins have same rate of sexually transmitted diseases as non-virgins
10 Mar 2004 | "...A new study of American teens has found that those who pledged to remain virgins until they married, are more likely to have unprotected sex first time, and get a sexual transmitted disease..."
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Sex theme toned down in Rio's carnival
20 Feb 2004 | "...After a Catholic church complaint, a samba school in Rio's carnival tones down its floats depicting the history of sex and promoting condom use..."
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Sex workers strut their stuff in street parade
08 Feb 2004 | "...About 200 sex workers and their supporters paraded through heavy rain in Taiwan's capital, Taipei, yesterday, demanding that anti-prostitution laws be changed..."
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Nude modelling, business or art?
30 Jan 2004 | "...Good nude models are always difficult to find, said photographer and critic Lin Lu, who has taken pictures of 70 to 80 per cent of the artists' models in Shanghai..."
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Nude protest at Waihopai spy base
19 Jan 2004 | "...Seven protesters disrobed and formed a naked peace sign at the Waihopai Valley at a Saturday demonstration, where protesters discussed ways to develop a nationally co-ordinated anti-war movement..."
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Chinese use Web for private buys
11 Jan 2004 | "...The Chinese tend to be a little embarrassed visiting sex shops, so they tend to visit sex Web sites instead that sell sex toys..."
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Nothing sexual about nudist teens?
13 Dec 2003 | "...Jacquelyn Mitchard argues that teens at the Youth Leadership Camp run by the American Association for Nude Recreations, is not 'a sexual thing'..."
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Queen comments on sexuality
2 Dec 2003 | "...Andrea Demaray interviews sex educator and film-maker, Carol Queen, who is also the co-founder of the forthcoming Center for Sex and Culture..."
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Porn star protests in Amsterdam
28 Nov 2003 | "...Italian porn star La Cicciolina demonstrated outside the The Hague, against the council's clamp down on street prostitution and clubs that feature pole-dancing..."
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